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How do I add a new question?

To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

How can I avoid getting spam as a result of using this site?

We have no idea what your e-mail address is unless you send us e-mail. Then we use your address only to respond to your e-mail. Your e-mail address is not stored for future use or provided to anyone else for any purpose.

If I don't have to pay, there are no ads, and you don't collect and sell my e-mail or other information, what are the hidden costs?

The time and costs to build and maintain this site are provided by the webmaster who has no plans to quit his day job! The only cost you should have is for a 9X12 envelope to hold your worksheets, goal-setting pages, and the occasional printed article; better yet, use a loose-leaf binder. Anything that is currently available here free and with no strings attached will continue to be available the same way indefinitely.

Who is this site for...teachers, sales people, business owners, or what?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. The resources at this site are intended for use by almost anyone who has a sincere desire to be more successful and improve the quality of his or her life. To benefit from this site, the visitor must be able to read and write. That requirement excludes the very young and people with serious mental limitations. Otherwise, what some people think of as barriers -- age, gender, education, occupation, and many disabilities -- will not limit the benefits from putting into practice the resources and strategies provided in this Web site.

Why was this Web site created...isn't this information available at other sites?

Yes, some of the information is available at other sites. This site is a one-stop shop where visitors can get good information about overcoming some of the greatest obstacles to a higher quality of life.

Do I have to register or provide identifying information to have full access to this site?

No. Anonymous visitors can access every part of this Web site without entering any information whatsoever.

I am trying to return to a page I found a couple weeks ago and there are links all over the place but not to the page I want. Have some pages been removed?

Try using the "Site Map" link, under "Resources" from any page that has the blue menu bar at the top. If that does not help, use the "Contact" option in the top menu to send Support an e-mail with the description of the page you want.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching assumes that with the right support, information, and guidance, you will be able to gain the confidence and abilities to guide yourself in a goal-oriented direction. It is a partnership that is totally focused on your success and development. It is a powerful alliance that produces personal and professional results. Coaching is a dedicated relationship helping you move toward your vision, goals and desires, and creates a challenging relationship by providing honest feedback so you can accomplish more than you thought possible. It provides you with tools, structure and support to reach your goals, personal and professional, in the quickest way possible, while it helps you identify habits that may be holding you back and encourages you to take action. A variety of assessment and change tools and techniques are tailored to your specific needs.

How is Life Coaching different from therapy/counseling?

Therapy helps people overcome symptomatic disorders (anxiety, depression, etc.), and to recover from traumatic or difficult life situations, or to deal with serious relationship problems. Therapy focuses on moving people to a functional level where they can have and maintain a more normative life functioning. Life coaching is helping people who may be unfocused or need that little extra knowledge, support and motivation to get where they hope to be.

Where is coaching done?

Coaching services are typically provided by phone or video conferencing. Coaching sessions include review of progress, assignments, and occasional articles or media clips.

How long does coaching take?

The amount of coaching needed depending on the scope of the desired changes. Many people achieve the desired results within a 3 – 6 month period of coaching, but both shorter or longer time frames are not unusual.

How many hours per week does coaching require?

The weekly time commitment depends on the client’s objectives. If a potential client has fewer than 1 – 2 hours per week available, coaching is not a high enough priority to ensure success and should be postponed until it becomes more of a priority. Depending on the client’s objectives, 1 – 6 hours per week is typical. On one hand, researching requirements and strategies for a career change may easily take a dozen or more hours weekly for a few weeks; on the other hand, joining Toastmastors to working to overcome a fear and dread of public speaking may only require 4 – 6 hours per month, including the biweekly meetings.

What does coaching include, what is the cost & how do I pay?

Classic Coaching includes the following benefits

  • Weekly call from coach, typically 45-50 minutes to review progress, plan next actions

  • Each month of coaching includes 5 weeks of unlimited e-mail and/or text support

  • Tips (ex. affirmations, manifesting, memory improvement, overcoming procrastination)

  • Worksheets to develop mission/vision statements, goal-setting, etc.

  • Strategies from high achievers like Wayne Dyer, John Goddard, Paul J. Meyer, Warren Buffet

  • Media clips from authors who present helpful ideas and concepts

  • E-books related to the client’s objectives

  • Mind maps sent after each call that summarize progress through the most recent call

The Classic Coaching price is about $390/month +/- depending on payment options

Prime Coaching one-year membership includes the following benefits

  • Quarterly call to clarify client’s situation, objectives for the next quarter, and next actions

  • Unlimited number of 15-minute coaching calls to coach for one low price

  • On each call, client and coach agree on the next action(s) or homework and client must complete the homework before signing up for the next session; this keeps the client accountable and moving forward

  • Each membership includes 12 months of unlimited e-mail and/or text support

  • Worksheets to develop mission/vision statements, goal-setting, etc.

  • List of Resource(s) related to the client’s objectives: Web sites, reading materials recordings

  • An mp3 recording of the call and a summary of the homework sent to the client after each call

The Prime Coaching price is $950/year payable at enrollment

Payments for Classic Coaching or Prime Coaching can be made by check, credit card or PayPal.