About  Life Coach Randy

Despite keeping my eyes and ears open for clues as to why some of my fellow students and colleagues became immensely successful while others slogged through life day-after-dreary day, there was no eureka moment. But that changed in my late 20s when I heard about a company named Success Motivation Institute (SMI). Two weeks after hearing about SMI, I flew from Albany, NY to Waco, TX for two days of seminars.


At the seminars, I learned how SMI taught people to recognize and remove barriers or obstacles and enable them to accomplish their goals in all areas of their lives. SMI described case studies of how real people achieved their greatness and how “service” and “giving back” were important to them. How Jimmy Carter, with saw in hand, built Habitat for Humanity homes and how Oprah Winfrey created a Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.


I became an SMI distributor and worked as a life coach years before the term “life coach” was coined. That role was hugely fulfilling with regard to watching people who had been merely surviving become enthusiastic about thriving.


However, in my early 30s, limited entrepreneurial skills did not result in enough profits to pay the bills, and my career path took a different track for several years.


Now, in semi-retirement, there is no longer a need to meet production quotas, and I am able to focus my time, energy, and knowledge in serving clients who are well above average but are not making the progress that they would like to be making and are capable of making. A client’s goals may relate to any area of life.


Here are some examples of reasons why a person may choose to work with a life coach:


  • To gain clarity of purpose, mission, or vision

  • To cope with the chaos of competing priorities and impossible time demands

  • To make a difficult career decision such as a major relocation to accept a promotion

  • To improve relationships with family, friends, or business associates

  • To overcome obstacles such as limiting beliefs or limited communications skills

  • To recognize and replace habits that are liabilities with habits that are beneficial

  • To create an action plan that ensures constant progress in pursuit of goals


We were all put here for a purpose. And we all have at least one big dream in our hearts. My job is to help people like you turn that dream into reality. What is your dream? Go to the Contact Page and introduce yourself to me. In the Message area, tell me about your dream and what's important to you.

"Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often."

~ Mark Twain

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